The Guatemala Outreach

a child and women stand with two men

The Guatemala Outreach Brochure

Sansom Equipment is happy to support The Guatemala Outreach Group.

Working since 2010 to enhance the quality of life for people in remote villages in Guatemala.

The use of traditional wood-burning stoves represents a triple threat to Guatemalan women, their families, and communities as a health risk, economic burden, and environmental strain. Families traditionally use open-pit fires to cook at home, but the smoke from these fires threatens the health of women and children and is one of the leading causes of death in the developing world. These fires also require greater firewood consumption, resulting in the degradation of critical tropical forests. Your financial support for the construction of fuel-efficient stoves will help improve human health and the environment. It is estimated that each stove will save 2-3 tons of carbon dioxide per year and add 10-15 years to the life of each family member.

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