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Automatic Transfer Switches

kohler automatic transfer switch


Available from 30 to 4000 amperes, KOHLER’s automatic transfer switches sense when voltage from the utility or other normal power source drops below a preset minimum. The ATS signals the emergency generator to start, and then transfers the required load to the generator. When the original electrical power source is restored, the ATS will retransfer the load to normal power and shut down the generator. Configurations to meet varying applications are available

KOHLER transfer switches bridge the gap between loss of utility and standby power. Featuring Kohler designed and built MPAC controllers, they’re factory-tested to ensure transfer of power from the utility to the generator and back again.

  • Transfer switches are available in standard, bypass-isolation and service-entrance configurations with open, programmed and closed-transition operating modes
  • Find the perfect option for every application, from 30 to 4000 amps
  • KOHLER ATS integrate seamlessly with KOHLER generators and paralleling switchgear
  • Available with a variety of KOHLER Decision-Maker® controls for basic to advanced switching requirements
  • Ethernet and Modbus communications capabilities are available
  • Transfer switches are UL listed and have CSA and IBC certifications available


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